TB6000 2 in 1

TB6000 2 in 1




Battery charging and battery testing go hand-in-hand, but until now it required separate tools. TOPDON set out to design one tool that can do both functions to help test your batteries before charging, which allows you to have a comprehensive look on the health report of the whole charging system, all while leaving the hassle of carrying multiple tools behind.

Making the tool user friendly was at the top of our list of requirements, so we added a 9-step smart charging feature, so you can set it and forget it. Worrying about overcharging and damaging your battery is a thing of the past. You can monitor the status of your charging using your smartphone and our intuitive app, where professional-level advanced settings, such as voltage and current adjustment, are also available. The TB6000Pro is ideal for both professional technicians and DIYers, having the custom settings needed by professionals and smart settings expected by DIYers.

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